CI - Installation Jenkins on Widows

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The spirit of the article is how to install Jenkins Server on Windows, create a Build Job, and observe the final result about building job. If you want to successfully complete the installation, you should setup JDK and Android SDK before.

1.1. Installation
After installing JDK and Android SDK, you can download Jenkins from the URL –, and input the following instructions via Windows cmd.exe to install Jenkins.war, as the first diagram.

Then, you will see that the instructions is executing on the cmd and the whole result of Jenkins has been installed, as the following results.

jenkins task view

1.2. General Settings
Before you use Jenkins, you can choose Jenkins -> Manage Jenkins -> Manage Plugins through Jenkins’s dashboard, and install the following plugins as well as set Jenkins’s language, as the following diagram.


Then, when completing the above steps, you can select Jenkins -> Manage Jenkins -> Configure System to set general system parameters, as the following diagrams.





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